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1 Introduction
Training secondary school geography teachers in pedagogies for sustainability and geoinformation issues. Authors: Karl Donert, Alan Parkinson, Michaela Lindner-Fally
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The main quality criterias or indicators detected to evaluate a learning situation/ case study using any type of evaluation (self evaluation, coevaluation, cross evaluation, external evaluation and supervised evaluation) are:

  • Adequacy of the chosen title (the title is a good umbrella of the content) and it is inside the current curricula
  • Provides key information on the development and implementation of the vignette (scaffolder)
  • Contains activities with the detail required in the quality standards
  • Explanatory coherence of discourse, fluency, clarity of ideas and argumentation (It is understandable). Focuses the topic on student learning (powerful learning).
  • Correct application of the concepts learnt in the subject by the author of the vignette (The key concepts explained in the vignette are clear, well defined and official sites have been used)
  • It encourages critical thinking. Suggests new questions and reflections that open bridges to subsequent debates.
  • Correct application of geoinformation, digital interactive maps, geotechnologies, particularly GIS for learning aims
  • Content, spelling and grammatical expressions are correct.
  • In relation to education for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Have you made any reference to how to educate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by providing concrete steps to achieve any of the sustainability competences? Have the following competences on sustainability been achieved: a) Critical analysis; b) Systemic reflection; c) Responsibility for future generations; d) Ability to make decisions collaboratively? Are there activities to assess the SDG learning progress? See UNESCO document for a further knowledge:
  • Meets the standards of the work requested (template / Rosenshine principles)

To make them more accurate it may be advisable to add a rubric for students to follow.