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1 Introduction
Training secondary school geography teachers in pedagogies for sustainability and geoinformation issues. Authors: Karl Donert, Alan Parkinson, Michaela Lindner-Fally
GI Pedagogy MOOC
About Lesson

Here you can see some examples made by trainees after following this course. 

Will you be able to do so?

Please, use the template and go ahead. 

You can consult the digital exhibition here: 


This module will deal with your own study case creation.

Learning objective

Create your own study case after following the course.



  1. Introduction
  2. Case study 1 creation example: Follow the stream, how plastic moves from land to the oceans
  3. Case study 2 creation example: Environmental problems and sustainable cities
  4. Case study 3 creation example: Hot deserts
  5. Describe your own idea for a case study