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ByLuc Zwartjes Nov 19, 2018

Exercises update

From time to time we need to update the exercises, and this for a number of reasons: the data can be updated with more recent numbers or website

ByLuc Zwartjes Oct 22, 2018

Poster of the project

A perfect overview of the project GI Learner and the results on a poster - available in English and Spanish. (more…)

ByLuc Zwartjes Oct 16, 2018

Automatic Google translation

On the top right of the website you will see the icon Google translate. This offers the opportunity to automatically translate the whole web

ByLuc Zwartjes Sep 9, 2018

Translations of spatial thinking tests & lessons

Almost all translations are available now. Although not foreseen in the project application we decided to also translate everything in French,thu