Following reports were made as part of the project work: 

  • GI Learner-Spatial Thinking Review (VERSION 2017)
    It was important in this project to identify exactly what we want to reach, and how we can reach it. So we must know exactly how the learning lines concept works best, and how we can fit the concepts of spatial thinking into it, taking into account the age group (and connected development of brain functions ..).

The report includes:
1) Research of the literature on spatial thinking, geospatial thinking
2) Research on taxanomy initiatives to evaluate spatial thinking components
3) Research on the correct implementation of the concept of learning lines into education
4) Research on learning and progression lines & a draft learning line concept.
5) the GI Learner competencies derived from the research. 

  • GI Learner competencies (VERSION 2017)
    This is an overview of all competencies on geospatial thinking youngsters should achieve at age group K12. Each competency has a level of complexity. The competencies are derived from the review document. Each competency refers also to the Bloom taxonomy and is illustrated with a short example. 
  • GI Learner curriculum opportunities (VERSION 2017)
    An overview of all subjects and themes inside the curricula of the participating countries where the competencies related to geospatial thinking can be included. 
  • GI Learner spatial thinking test analysis (2018)
    The students involved in the project were the ‘guinea pigs’ of the project. Their role was double: Making it possible for the project to assess the progress from the beginning to the end of the project (summative evaluation) through self-evaluation tests, and give feedback on the first version of the lesson modules.
    This report analyzes the impact of the learning lines on the students.

GI Learner implementation  

The goal of GI Learner is to implement geospatial thinking in the curriculum. Therefore we created this project website where you find all material needed. 

For the broader public (including school management, curriculum creators and the politicians) we summarised everything in this document. Please use it to disseminate our ideas to a broader audience!

This document is available in:

Project articles

  • GI-Forum article, Salzburg (July 2016)
  • publication that also deals about GI Learner (p. 2-3) for independent schools UK (April 2017)
  • article for the 1st International Korean- European Joint Conference on Geographical Education (July 2017)
  • article (Dutch) in ‘De Aardrijkskunde’, journal of the Flemish Geography Teachers Association (VLA, December 2017)
  • proceedings (Spanish) on TIG Congress Valencia, Spain (June 2018)
  • blogpost on Geonet, ESRI Community (July 2018)
  • leaflet (Romanian) GI Learner Romania
  • article (German) in GW-Unterricht, December 2018


Use this poster to get global insight into the project: