An Innovative Pedagogical Model for Teaching with GIS (IO1)

This output consists of a review, analysis and evaluation of existing, prevailing teaching practices that incorporate GIS in schools and an exploration of evidence related to alternative, innovative, pedagogical approaches to teaching
with GIS.

As a result of the review and analysis of findings, a series of recommendations are provided to inform the development of the teacher professional development course and toolkit of innovative pedagogical approaches to teaching with
GIS and connect to the case studies of outcomes.

Content of this report:

1. The GI Pedagogy project

2. Introduction

3. Digital Competences

4. Teaching with GIS

5. Approaches to teaching with GIS

6. Pedagogies

7. Training teachers for GIS

8. Conclusions

Toolkit of Innovative Pedagogical Approaches for Teaching with GIS, including the GI Pedagogy Framework and Model (IO2)

The second outcome of the project is this manual, created to help you as a teacher to implement GIS with the appropriate pedagogy in your teaching practice.

A teching model to raise awareness of sustainability using geoinformation

This is an article summarising the main project outcomes published on the UNED Journal: Puertas Aguilar, M.A., Conway, B., De Lázaro Torres, M.L., De Miguel González, R., Donert, K., Linder-Fally, M., Parkinson, A., Prodan, D., Wilson,
S. & Zwartjes, L. (2022). A teaching model to reise awareness of sustainability using geoinformation. Espacio, Tiempo y Forma. Serie VI. Geografía 15, 23-42.