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1 Introduction
Training secondary school geography teachers in pedagogies for sustainability and geoinformation issues. Authors: Karl Donert, Alan Parkinson, Michaela Lindner-Fally
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Using the Gi Pedagogy Concept Cube, identify expected students’ current learning schema and working memory capacity.

Then use the curriculum map or plan, to make links with their long-term memory – both prior and future learning.


World Atlas

World Political, Physical, State and Country Maps

1) Yr 7 – Passport Google my maps – add own photos + info

2) Yr 7 Passport pic google kmz – ArcGIS layer


2) Fieldwork survey data (Flatford + London) Gi Ped (SW)

1) Yr 7 Google passport map (SW) – photo + notes (KMZ)

1) Physical Landscapes of the world (Gi Ped) SW

2) Human Geography world map (GiPed) SW

3) Urbanization in Africa (Yr 8) (Gi Ped) SW



In this folder all work material of this section.