A new updated version of O2 GI Learner Curriculum opportunities is now available on tha page […]
At the conference in Amsterdam a big audience attended the presentation of GI Learner.
GI Learner is presenting at the Geography Teacher Educators conference in Plymouth, UK, on Sunday 30 […]
GI Learner is presenting at the NeTeRiGe conference at the University of Bologna, 1 December 2016. […]
GI Learner presented its work during a session at the KNAG education day, a day that […]
GI Learner is having a workshop on Friday 30 September from 14 till 15.30 h. If […]
You can already have a preview of the work that’s in development. A test course is […]
GI Learner is presenting at the IGU-CGE conference in Singapore. Presentation available at http://www.gilearner.ugent.be/presentations/.
A draft version of report O2 curriculum opportunities has been added to http://www.gilearner.ugent.be/publications/.
GI Learner is presenting at the GI Forum in a whole session with 2 workshops. All […]