Because of its capabilities GIS is inherently an excellent vehicle in expressing the five themes of geography, as defined by The Joint Committee On Geographic Education (1984): location, place, relationships with places, movement and region.
Spatial thinking is a distinct form of thinking, which helps people to visualize relationships between and among spatial phenomena (Stoltman & De Chano, 2003).
GI-Learner is proud that it can present the project at the 1st International Korean- European Joint […]
On Monday 19 June we will present the GI-Learner project at the Nordic Geographers Meeting in […]
On Tuesday 24 May GI-Learner was asked to present the project to an audience of PhD-students, […]
A new updated version of O2 GI Learner Curriculum opportunities is now available on tha page […]
At the conference in Amsterdam a big audience attended the presentation of GI Learner.
GI Learner is presenting at the Geography Teacher Educators conference in Plymouth, UK, on Sunday 30 […]
GI Learner is presenting at the NeTeRiGe conference at the University of Bologna, 1 December 2016. […]
GI Learner presented its work during a session at the KNAG education day, a day that […]