In GW-Unterricht is an Artikel about the project. You can find it under ‘Publications’.
From time to time we need to update the exercises, and this for a number of […]
A perfect overview of the project GI Learner and the results on a poster – available in […]
On the top right of the website you will see the icon Google translate. This offers […]
Almost all translations are available now. Although not foreseen in the project application we decided to […]
The students involved in the project were the ‘guinea pigs’ of the project. There role was […]
We added a new report on the website: GI Learner implementation. The goal of GI Learner […]
GI Learner is presented at the ESRI Educ conference in San Diego with a workshop and […]
All course material is now available on the course page of the website. Translations will be […]
The final program is now ready, have a look at this page. There are still some places […]