Karl Donert presented GI Learner at the Scientix conference in Brussels. You can find his presentation
The final outcomes of the project will be presented at a final 1-day conference in Ghent, […]
Pupils were challenged in a very short time to learn to work with Story Maps, and […]
From Sunday 25 February till Saturday 3 March the pupilw who have been involved over the […]
End of February all pupils being involved in the 3 years lifespan of the project will […]
On 26 October GI Learner presented at the Spanish ESRI conference.
GI Learner is entering it’s last project year. In this year the pupils of the 5 […]
GIS is fun when the tools are easy, interesting data is available and the case study is exciting.
Analysing spatial data using GIS gives insight.
Space and location make spatial thinking a distinct, basic and essential skill that can and should be learned in school education, alongside other skills like language, mathematics and science.