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ByLuc Zwartjes Apr 7, 2018

Final conference in Ghent, 15 June 2018

The final outcomes of the project will be presented at a final 1-day conference in Ghent, Friday 15 June 2018. Location is Het Pand (https://

ByLuc Zwartjes Mar 14, 2018

After the exchange in Madrid

Pupils were challenged in a very short time to learn to work with Story Maps, and create materials for themeselves and others. Here are some r

ByLuc Zwartjes Feb 20, 2018

Pupils ready for the meeting in Madrid

From Sunday 25 February till Saturday 3 March the pupilw who have been involved over the past 3 school years in testing of the materials will mee

ByLuc Zwartjes Oct 26, 2017

GI Learner preparing the final meeting with the students in Madrid

End of February all pupils being involved in the 3 years lifespan of the project will meet in Madrid. They will also work on new materials and wr